CyberPowerPc vs iBuyPower, one over the other?

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Cyberpowerpc vs iBuypower, which one to pick. Both companies are selling prebuild desktop computers with a variety of options. End Products should be like custom build computers one can build for themselves. It is a hassle-free service if you don’t have the knowledge and time to invest in building your own desktop computer.


iBuyPower is available in the United States and Germany. You can buy their computers almost anywhere in the US. BestBuy, Amazon, directly from their website and so on. In Europe, it is only available from Amazon their official site. I recommend buying from their site since there are often special promotions you can get.


CyberPowerPc is a direct iBuyPower competitor they are both after the same market. They are available in all around the US and UK. For Europe customers yes they ship outside the UK. They also have special promotions from their official site as well.

Return policy of Cyberpowerpc vs iBuypower

Both companies have options to speed up computer building time and fast shipping. Shipping is fast in both companies and there are some horror stories on the web for both which you should take with a grain of salt. Both companies offer next day shipping for pre-built systems. I have seen super fast delivery times some are delivered in a week and some were delivered in three weeks or more. Both companies offer warranty and have their return policy in place. So you don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong.
iBuyPower offer 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. That means that you don’t have to state the reason for returning the product and getting your money back. CyberPowerPc in comparison has stricter RMA conditions but you are still protected if you order from them.

Price comparison for Cyberpowerpc vs iBuypower

When I was trying to compare some of their systems a found out they are both close in terms price per performance. So there was no point in writing a detailed comparison. Between those two companies is fierce competition so they are changing offers and prices daily. When you buy on these sites just check for special promotions on both sites so you can get the best bang for your money.

Both companies get a negative point for not having an option which aftermarket GPU you can choose. You don’t know if you getting some small form graphic card with only one fan and with high performance. Those graphics cards tens to get louder and hotter. Also, they get another negative point since the advertised pictures of the system are often not what you really getting. Even on cheaper builds, they advertise a picture of high-end builds which then, in reality, looks much less impressive.


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